Go wild! Become a Zoo Parent

August 12, 2003

Go wild! Become a Zoo Parent Becoming a ZooParent at Taronga and Western Plains Zoos is a truly wild way to help the world’s wildlife have a better future!

By sponsoring your favourite animal, and there are 3500 to choose from, you are helping towards the cost of food, expert veterinary care and all the other special need of our animals. Your support also frees the Zoos’ funds to help in other countries with education programs, breeding and re-introduction and the preservation of the world’s diminishing wildlife habitat. Food is just one of the big costs of caring for wildlife. A chimp can munch $70 in carrots and a seal can gobble $220 in squid in four months. Taronga’s 2000 animals alone roar through $500 in fruit and vegetables every day. A snow leopard’s paw Veterinary costs can be enormous! Imagine the cost of asking your local vet to fit a protective steel plate to a Rhinoceros horn or how much it costs to ultrasound a Snow Leopard, yet expert veterinary care is on call for all 3500 animals at both Zoos 24 hours a day. Animal sponsorship started in 1977 after a visitor called asking how they could help. Interest burgeoned and last year our ZooParents contributed over $500,000 towards the care of the Zoos’ animals. Frilled neck lizard ZooParent membership is a truly unique gift idea too! Zoo Parent packages start from $85 for Savannah Membership and include many wild benefits. For example, the $140 Ocean membership entitles the ZooParent to a membership card which gives themselves and one guest free entry to Taronga and Western Plains Zoo for the whole year. There’s also a ZooParent certificate, stickers, a newsletter and information about your sponsored animal, discounted parking and 15% discount at the Taronga Zoo souvenir shop when you show your member card. Meerkat The Ocean Sponsorship would keep a Gorilla munching on lettuce for three months or a Giraffe grazing on lucern hay for three weeks! Animals which are available for sponsorship include (just to name a few): Cheetahs, Elephants, Crocodiles, Lions, Gorillas, Zebras, Bandicoots, Death Adders, Tree Kangaroos, Kodiak Bears, Meerkats, Parrots, Fur Seals, Tigers, Tamarins, Koalas, Giraffes, Lemurs, Red Pandas, Black Rhinoceros and Pythons. For more information please call: 1300 369 116 or visit the Zoos’ website at www.zoo.nsw.gov.au.

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