Goddess-scopes for February

February 21, 2006

Goddess-scopes for February

Now as our busy lives evolve into February, we find ourselves losing grip of that initial energy that was behind the resolution. That’s fine. It means you can move away from making adrenalin-based decisions that leave you exhausted.

If you were too busy to fulfil your resolution, or find yourself living anywhere but the “present”, February is the time to stop and reassess your direction.

Use Greek goddess Pallas as a role model to help you say good-bye to negative influences – you know, all those annoying distractions that got in the way of you and your successful resolution. The overtime lumped on you at work; that client who expects you to go the extra mile; the sick spouse who needs you to be Nurse Betty at all hours…

Pallas is both the Warrior Woman and the Peaceful General. She is the embodiment of strength and wisdom. She lets us find our inner courage to know we can and will survive life’s battles.

For modern women, her message is to let go of the harried or victim mindset you may be experiencing, and prepare to stand up for your self-worth.

There is not point in choosing conflict in your life – it only serves to keep you off-balance and on your back foot representing defensive position.
Take time for yourself, breathe deeply and surround yourself with friends so that you can stand on your front foot, braced for obstacles with self-confidence and grace.

By Anita Ryan

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