Going The Distance Review

September 1, 2010

Going The Distance Review

I should say upfront that I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore, and if you don’t, you might find this too much to take. Going The Distance is a Drew love fest, an ode to all her slightly quirky mannerisms and dress sense. If you think she’s a sweetheart, read on.

We all know that Drew and Justin Long have been dating for about two years, and even though they refuse to confirm their current relationship status, their chemistry shines through in the movie and it’s a joy to watch. You get a sense that they really enjoyed making the movie, it all feels genuine.

Erin (Barrymore) meets Garrett (Long) in New York but has to move back to San Francisco but they decide they don’t want to break their chemistry. Going The Distance is one of very few movies that deals with long distance relationships, and it treats the subject with a lot of accuracy. There’s late night phone calls, the time zone difference frustration – there’s a cute moment when Garrett checks the cost of flights to visit Erin at Christmas but the price makes his eyes pop out of his head. And Garrett’s self-tanning scene is priceless.

And then there’s the fun times when they’re together, and it’s really the supporting characters that are some of the funniest in recent times. Erin’s sister Corinne (a brilliant Christina Applegate) is a complete opposite but there’s a lot of sweetness between the two, while his friends provide old-school toilet humour that’s really, really funny (unless you’re easily offended).

It doesn’t hit all the notes at times but this is a really enjoyable romcom with a great soundtrack and plenty of eyecandy from Drew and Justin to the streets of San Francisco and New York.

4 out of 5

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