Golden Globe Debrief – Shesaid

January 28, 2002

Well the biggest party to hit Hollywood certainly had a strong Australian flavour to it with Australians Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Rachel Griffiths, Judy Davis, and Baz Luhrmann all taking home awards. But enough about the awards, let’s get on to the real reason we all love US awards shows – so we can bitch about the frocks of course!!

Let’s start with Heather Locklear’s hair – what was that all about?? Every time she moved her hair didn’t and those curls were reminiscent of Lisa McClune at the Logies a few years ago. When are stylists going to realise major awards shows that will be televised to millions is not the time to be trying a “new do” on!!

Has anyone ever seen Angelina Jolie in a good mood?? Billy Bob Thornton was all smiles but she looked like she would rather be any where else but there!

A few colours that we thought needed addressing – Kim Cattrell’s apricot frock/ Cameron Diaz trashy red lipstick that didn’t match her frock at all, Kate Winslet’s blonde hair??

Spunk of the nite was a hard one to pick with Eric McCormack from “Will and Grace” just pipping out our Aussie Hunk Huge Hugh Jackman. Although we thought that James Falco from the James Dean movie needed a special mention as “what a nice young man” as our mums would say. Also what was Julia Roberts thinking when she dumped Benjamin Bratt?? He can always pop into the Shesaid offices and we will console him!!

Other fashion mentions were Sarah Jessica Parker – the hair cut and hair accessory?? Was that a dress or a pantsuit?? Sissy Spacek decided to attend the awards without dressing up or brushing her hair!! But we did love the look of her new movie “In The Bedroom”. Other fashion faux pas have to go to Cate Blanchet and of course our own Australian favourite Rachel Griffiths – was the dress something she borrowed from the Muppets wardrobe (Miss Piggy will be missed the pale pink fluffy frock) then the speech that followed was worse!! Something about Australia being her river?? Can anyone explain that one to us??

Our Shesaid highlights of the night have to be the fabulously single Miss Kidman who did us all proud with her grace and dignity as well as a little pure excitement at winning!! Her best friend Russell Crowe with his G’Day was a brilliant opening to a humble and eloquent acceptance speech. GO AUSSIES GO!!!

Can’t wait for the Oscars on March 24th when we can do it all again!!

Read on for complete run down on who won what!!!

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