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Golden Globes Red Carpet – The Shockers

Golden Globes Red Carpet – The Shockers

Golden Globes Red Carpet – The Shockers

Halle Berry

Huh? Where did the dress go? It started off pure sex bomb with a fitted corset, and then just looks like the designer ran out of time, and stuck on a mini skirt and the last bit of black chiffon they could find.

Michelle Williams

I was really hoping to love Michelle’s choice tonight, but I hate it! Frills on the side add nothing to an otherwise frumpy beige summer dress with a boring flower print.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Did somebody lose their upholstery? This thick emerald green gown is making me hot and flustered and not in a good way – and that fabric looks like a cross between velvet and terry towelling.

Sophie Vergara

The colour is HOT but the ruching at the waist and bust is unnecessary, as is that black sash which breaks up an otherwise classic red carpet gown. Hair up would have showed off those spectacular earrings and her pretty face.

Julianne Moore

This is a first, Julianne always looks so beautiful but this colour is too clashing against her hair. Plus it’s creased at the waist – my pet peeve!

Angelina Jolie

Brad looks hot but this Kelly Green doesn’t really suit Angelina, which is a shame because she never wears colour. Plus she’s so thin – never pose side on Ange, it’s hard to see you. The hair is a bit lanky too, might be time for a snip?

Jackie Weaver

So proud of our Jackie being nominated for her role in Animal Kingdom. But let’s be honest, this is a bit ordinary. It’s the Golden Globes Jackie, vamp it up!

Helena Bonham Carter

This is a hard one to classify. On one hand, Helena sticks to what she loves – eccentric, kooky fashion. Plus she’s wearing mismatched shoes and that’s kind of cool! But at the same time, this is a just-got-out-of-bed shocker.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I’ve never seen JLH look good, and now it’s really time to fire her stylist. What is with the sticking out bit at the bust? The thick belt makes her look big in the hips and that overly coiffed hair makes no sense.

Julia Stiles

I adore Julia Stiles and while her makeup is natural and gorgeous, black satin just drags her down, making her look like an unhappy opera singer. Her complexion and blonde locks are much better suited to fun colours, what a shame!

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