Golden Globes Worst Dressed

January 16, 2012

It wouldn’t be the Golden Globes without a red carpet disaster – or 10! From Charlize to Elle, what were their stylists thinking?

Jessica Biel

Turns out being newly-engaged to Justin Timberlake brings out your inner Victorian.

Elle Macpherson

Is Elle walking down the aisle after walking down the red carpet? Way too frou from bride for my liking.

Charlize Theron

While we’re at it, is Charlize Theron channeling her inner ballerina? Charlize usually aces the red carpet but not in this part gown, part tutu (complete with satin headband).

Lea Michelle

Dynasty called, and they want their wardrobe back. A few days ago, Lea was looking fun and pretty at the People’s Choice Awards. Here, she’s looking way older than she should.

Meryl Streep

This button-down black gown makes Meryl look frumpier than she should.

Sarah Michelle Geller

I love tie dye, but the combination of the billowing gown and severe ponytail turned this potentially-fun look into a horror story.

Jane Lynch

Completely, utterly boring. I’d stay home if this was my only option.

Kelly Osbourne

Last week Kelly premiered powder grey tresses. Tonight, she’s showing off an ’80s peacock blue disaster. Way to go.

Amanda Peet

Looks like Amanda raided her local haberdashery story for metres of dust ruffle and made a red carpet dress out of it.

Emily Mortimer

Are you there Emily? I can see your head but your dress is blending in with your skin. An example of how not to do nude.

Who is your Golden Globes worst dressed?

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