Top Bediquette for New Couples!

April 3, 2000

Your mother may have taught you good manners at the table, but odds are she didn’t say much about bed. Here are a few top tips for new couples and the newly cohabitating.

  • Keep 2 alarms. Man and woman often rise at different hours – and let’s face it, neither one needs a 7am squabble over who forgot to reset the alarm clock.
  • Establish a temperature control system. Agree on a balance between weight of bed clothes and the number of centimetres the window is open.
  • Agree on what the bed is for. Scrabble, yes, pizza, no – or maybe just the opposite. Whatever terms you decide on, stick to them. Not every one can live (or sleep) with crumbs or will be happy to find a bit of peperoni stuck to their back. Then again those little tiles can get lost in the sheets. Do whatever works for both of you. You might even have fun working it all out!


Short, sweet and solid.

5 of the best morsels of relationship advice you’ll ever get!

  • Don’t fight to win, fight to tie.
  • If it’s serious to your partner, take it seriously.
  • If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s the first thing you should talk about.
  • Be extravagant with your encouragement.
  • Make love first – then do the washing, pay the bills, return the calls.

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