#GoodAdviceIn4Words: The Power Of Four Little Words

March 13, 2015
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Have you ever looked up advice online? Whether is dating, cooking, medical or for life in general it’s never good, please don’t do it. That headache and nausea you’ve had for the past few days is just the flu right? Right?! No, according to the internet you’ve now got stage 3 cancer.

There is no denying the internet is a fabulous place for people to connect, share information and buy things you don’t need. But it isn’t always the greatest place to gain proper advice. Until now.

It all started when host of Hashtag Shenanigans, Breezy Puffs began her weekly Wednesday game with co-host @Will3K85, #GoodAdviceIn4Words with the top 20 to be uploaded to absrdNews. The challenge asks participates to just as it says – give good advice in four words and with that, understand the power they hold. Within four hours, it had more that 24, 000 tweets and was the top trending hashtag and topic on Twitter.

Life advice has flooded in from people all over the world putting a smile on everyone’s face. Whether the advice is comic one-liners such as “Delete your Internet history”, “Don’t fry bacon naked” and “Don’t use Trump’s hairdresser” to more meaningful and heartfelt ones; “Live in the moment”, “Dream big, work harder” and “Be brave, show kindness” or just genuine truths; “Always you’re your sunscreen”, “Lefty loosey, righty tighty” and “Proofread your draft again,” all of them are relatable.

Suddenly through this challenge, the senseless advice that is normally dished out online actually has candour. People are being candour; even those that are funny are sincere. The advice that is being shared is unpretentious, informative, comes from experience and is recognised as genuine.

However, like any trend the challenge has produced some spin offs, the best being #JustF—inBadAdviceIn4Words.

Nobody likes to be lectured about life’s lessons and that’s one of the best things about the #GoodAdvicein4Words challenge. Although four words is a skimpy allowance, it gets its point across instantly. It is a short and easy movement to get involved in and takes little time to get your 2 cents across. If your feeling down, take a look, it’s sure to bring about some good belly laughs and life guidance. So then, what’s your best advice?

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