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Great beach gear for your kids

Great beach gear for your kids

We all know we need to cover in the sun but mother of three, Ali Mowbray’s story is a great reminder for the whole family for summer!

Queensland mother of three, Ali Mowbray knows all too well that
there’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Sun safety has been the story of Ali’s life – and her business life too.

Diagnosed with discoid lupus two years ago, a condition aggravated by sun exposure, sun safety became an imperative for Ali and she soon turned this into a precaution for her kids, and an inspiration for her business.

As Ali’s brainchild BABES IN THE SHADE continues to yield international success, she now wants to share her tips her tips on sun safety with her local community.

Here are Ali’s six sun safe tips for protecting the little one’s this Summer:

1. Slip. Slop. Slap. The simple yet effective measures of a long sleeved shirt, waterproof or water resistant sunscreen protection from UVA and UVB rays and a hat that protects the face, ears and neck. Remember to reapply!

2. Encourage children to pick their own sun protection gear. More ownership means children are more likely to enjoy and abide by it.

3. Select long sleeved fashionable swim clothes that will appeal to children their age. Sun safe gear doesn’t need to be daggy with

4. Seek shaded areas when planning outdoor activities.

5. Swap the timing of daily activities during the summer months – inside activities during the day and swimming in the late afternoon or evening. Minimise sun exposure between 10am and 4pm.

6. Be good role models. Kids learn by watching, so practice what you preach.

BABES IN THE SHADE is a case of business imitates life as Ali explains, “The only long-sleeved sun shirts I could find were too plain and daggy – my kids wouldn’t wear them.”

BABES IN THE SHADE protective sun shirts, swimwear and matching sun wear accessories are available in a range of designs at as well as selected stocksits.

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