The Great Crop Top Controversy

March 21, 2015
crop top, gym wear, workout

It’s surprising that a touchy subject when it comes to gym attendance is not how many times you should go, how many reps you should complete or even the type of exercise you should do, but what you should and shouldn’t wear.

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Personally, I would’ve thought that you could wear whatever you like to the gym, whether it be old camp sweat shirts and shorts you picked up as a souvenir from the beach, or that old sports jersey from three years ago. But with workout gear becoming brighter, sexier and tighter, it’s easy to see how people can feel uncomfortable if they don’t keep up with the trend.

Working out at the gym shouldn’t have judgement attached to it – other people shouldn’t care what you wear when you’re sweating it out on the treadmill or squatting your heaviest weights. This is why it’s confusing when you receive dirty looks or smirks if you’re wearing a crop – it is literally meant for gym wear!

crop top, gym wear, workout

The crop top is a very controversial topic amongst gym goers. Should you wear it if you have the confidence, should you not wear it because you might sweat on things? It’s tough, right?

Apparently, wearing a crop top to the gym makes you self obsessive, a show off and intimidating to the other ladies who may not want to bare their physique in such attire. Is this really the case ladies? Are some of us spreading hate to others because of our own self-esteem? If so, why should girls not be wearing crop tops at the gym?

Today I want to stick up for the crop top girl. Through my days of working at a gym, I only ever saw two girls working out in crop tops. They both didn’t touch machines, so there was no worry of them sweating on things. Both their workouts comprised of cardio and weights and they would both receive looks from other, sometimes older women in the gym that were somewhat disapproving.

So should you be wearing a crop top at the gym? Absolutely! If you feel confident enough to wear a crop top, go for it. Just make sure that you are wiping off the equipment before and after use and that you’re able to complete your workout comfortably. I for one know how hot it can be when you’re smashing out an hour on the cross-trainer and your shirt is drenched and stuck to you – it’s gross and you just want to rip it off.

But does wearing a crop top to the gym really deserve the stigma that seems to be attached to it? During an intense workout, it may be more comfortable to ditch the shirt and work out in a crop top. During that Zumba class, you might want to show off your new Lorna Jane coordinates. Does it really matter that much?

I now put the question out to you ladies (and gents): Should you wear a crop top to the gym, and why or why not?

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