Great summer reading

January 11, 2005

Great summer reading

By Leigh Redhead
Allen & Unwin
Peepshow is Leigh Redhead?s first novel and although it lacks the sophistication of some of the established crime writers of this genre, it definitely still keeps you turning the pages. Peepshow is hard to put down due to the realistic view of the sex-industry in Melbourne?s St. Kilda area and the strong yet flawed central characters most of which are women in the sex industry. In a recent interview Leigh Redhead said most women working in the industry are studying in some form or the other and are working in it “because they love performing” she says. “They are strong, gutsy, intelligent women and they have this strong sexuality that they need to express and there are not very many ways they can express this without getting arrested.” And she should know as she was one of them before turning to writing her first novel! Talk about never judge a book by it?s cover, Redhead has a communications degree with a major in film and cultural studies from Sydney’s University of Technology, obtained before her stint in the industry which she turned to when she was unable to get a decent job using her degree! Not for the prudey amongst us, Peepshow is quite raunchy in parts and vivid descriptions of various sex industry acts are likely to raise an eyebrow or two with some readers.
RRP $21.95 but only $19.76 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

B Model
Miranda Darling
Wakefield Press

Yet another novel about the cut throat world of modeling. This one is written from the perspective of an awkward sixteen-year-old who is unhappy at school, out of favour with her mother and desperately trying to fit in. Plucked from obscurity and thrown into the heady world of modeling, Justine finds herself suddenly modeling underwear in Tokyo! Funny yet a little angst ridden, B Model is a light hearted view of an industry that many crave to be part of for all the wrong reasons, as Justine finds out. Miranda Darling has written this novel out of real life experience being a B grade model defined by the products she was promoting or wearing rather than her own personality while she was modeling in London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo for seven years, obviously giving her plenty to write about the bitchy and competitive world of modeling. Miranda completed a BA Hons in English at Oxford University and now works in film and TV production.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry
Jessica Adams
Pan Macmillan

Richard has a problem. His wife-to-be Sarah has gone missing on their wedding day. His brother, Harry?s problem is that he only wants one woman in the world – Debbie Harry – but he works in a bank. Richard?s best man Tom wonders if it?s okay to live with a woman old enough to be his mother. Meanwhile far away from sleepy Compton in Tasmania to the mania of a women?s magazine in Sydney, Richard?s first wife Bronte needs to find a new astrologer for her magazine while working out fifty things to do with bananas. Will Richard find Sarah? Why is she missing? Will Tom stay with his mother-figure girlfriend? Will Bronte break free of the artificiality of the magazine world? Will Harry ever get to meet his idol? Welcome to the world of Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry. Three men, the women they love and a sexually dysfunctional sheepdog.
Jessica Adams has at various times been an editor, book reviewer, Internet columnist, feature writer and astrologer for many magazines and newspapers throughout Australia. She has also been a scriptwriter and researcher for television. Jessica?s first book, Astrology for Women, was published in 1997 both here, in the UK and US and her Handbag Horoscopes were published in October 1999. Jessica was born in London, brought up in the Tasmanian bush and now divides her time between Sydney, Bellingen and London. Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry is her second novel. If you want more about Jessica go to
RRP $18.95 but only $17.06 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Live the Dream
Josephine Cox
Harper Collins

Set in the 1930s, this is the story of three people caught up in a tangle of love and hatred which threatens to tear them apart forever. Handsome and wealthy Luke Hammond could have the world at his feet. Instead, he has the world on his shoulders. Luke?s only release from his respectable life is on a Tuesday, when he heads off to seek solace in a hideaway in the woods. Luke?s quiet sadness intrigues Amy Maitland, a bright young woman whom Luke seems at first not to notice. Amy finds herself wondering more about this elusive man. Amy worries about Daisy, her beloved best friend, who masks the misery of a difficult home life behind her carefree hilarity. Amy knows that under the bravado and humour there is a desperate woman, searching for stability and love ? seemingly at any cost. Daisy falls head over heels in love with Luke. As Amy grows increasingly uneasy about Daisy, she fails to realise that Luke is quietly falling in love with her. And unwittingly she finds herself drawn into a dangerous position, not of her making. If you are a fan of romantic intrigue, you will certainly enjoy being drawn into these people?s lives. Josephine Cox is one of the foremost storytellers drawing inspiration from her own dramatic life story.
RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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