Why Green Tea Is Great For Your Health

July 19, 2015

Green tea is a popular beverage choice for health conscious women and for good reason – green tea is great for your health!

Originating from China, green tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that work wonders for your body, green tea helps contribute towards improved brain function, fat loss, lower risk for some cancers and much more. Its no wonder women across the world are switching their daily coffee addictions for 2-3 cups of pure green tea per day.

Fat loss is probably one of the health benefits that has got us most excited at the moment. Studies have proven that green tea can boost your metabolic rate and increase fat burning. If you look at the ingredients for fat-burning supplements, there’s a very good chance green tea will be one of them.

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In one study fat oxidation was increased by 17 per cent indicating that green tea increased the burning of fat. In another study it was shown to improve physical performance by mobilising fatty acids from the fat tissues and making them available for energy use.

However, asides from fat loss, the benefits of green tea are plentiful.

Contributes to the fight against allergies

Adding green tea to your allergy arsenal can actually help ease discomfort. The delicious green liquid is anti-allergenic that according to a 2007 study published by the journal of Cytotechnology found the tea can reduce pollen allergies.

Improves eyesight

Move over carrots because there’s a new kid on the block, science suggests that the antioxidants found in green tea can penetrate the tissue of the eyes and produces antioxidant activity. Catechins, one of the antioxidants in green tea is capable of being absorbed into the eye tissue and can serve to protect your eyes.

Wards off pancreatic cancer

Green tea has been known to target pancreatic cancer, and most recently oral cancer. One of the strongest antioxidants found in green tea is EGCG, which can actually kill cancer cells through the destruction of the cells’ mitochrondria. This sounds awfully complicated, but its basically a jargon filled way of saying scientists believe that the antioxidants in green tea could eventually be used to replace chemotherapy without any of the negative side effects generally associated with intense treatment plans. But, this is still a long way off.

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It lowers cholesterol

Green tea can help to lower your total cholesterol levels by lowering bad LDL cholesterol and inhibiting blood clot formation. With all the health risks associated with high cholesterol, like high blood pressure and heart disease, this is literally music to our ears.

At the end of the day, green tea is the healthier tea choice because of the way it’s processed. Green tea doesn’t go through the same oxidising process as black tea, making it a more natural alternative. Plus, green tea is not only great for your health – it’s also delicious!

Image via leadingahealthylifestyle.com

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