When Grief Turns Superstition Into Compulsion

Erica Landis

Content Notice: Death of a child


This story originally appeared on Ravishly, a feminist news+culture website.

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Erica Landis started her writing career in Mrs. Kelly’s second grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. She went on to write herself and her friends into a 1980’s General Hospital storyline. The notebook pages were passed around the lunch table like wildfire. At that moment, young Erica knew she would pursue writing. With career pit stops in waitressing and retail, writing has been her saving grace and ticket to stardom. And by stardom, she means the moms at her daughter’s preschool think her writing is pretty cool.

Content Notice: Death of a child Superstition ruled my mind. More than I realized. Was it left hand over the right shoulder for spilled salt? Or was it the reverse? Heads up coins go in the right shoe. Tails up coins are given to the first person I see. Dropped silverware always signaled company was...When Grief Turns Superstition Into Compulsion