Group interviews – part 2 (Contd)

April 6, 2004

It’s important you make a contribution to the group. Even if another member of the group is the first to provide an answer to a question, if you agree with that answer, then express your support. However, be genuine as you might be asked to explain why you agree with a particular answer.What to wear
A couple of candidates contacting CareerOne about group interviews have described the outfit they have chosen for the day as casual – sometimes really casual such as tank tops, cargo pants and jeans. All the research CareerOne carried out on this topic screamed a huge “NO” to casual attire.
Jacqui Whyatt advises corporate dress, which means a suit or at least pants and jacket or skirt and jacket and she counsels women to try and avoid open toed shoes.The other rules about interview dressing also apply. For women, minimal make up, hair off the face either worn out or tied back, minimal jewellery and nothing that jingles, clean nails with no chipped polish, clean, ironed clothes and no overpowering perfume.
For guys, clean nails, hair and well-ironed clothes, polished shoes, no overpowering aftershave and good personal hygiene.Last word
Ms Whyatt says the group interview is an opportunity for candidates to market themselves.
“Market yourself like you were a product. Pay attention to your personal presentation, know your strengths and make sure you have spent some time researching the company,” she says.
Jacqui Whyatt was interviewed by the editor of, Kate Southam.

Story by Kate Southam, editor of CareerOne. Go to for more career related articles. Send job hunting and workplace questions to

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