Growing Out Your Armpit Hair: Yay Or Nay?

June 26, 2015
britney spear armpit hair

To us women, shaving our armpit hair might seem like the most natural thing to do, but if you think about it, it’s not natural at all. In fact, women only started shaving their legs, armpits, and other body parts about 100 years ago when fashion changed and women’s bodies weren’t covered from neck to toe anymore.

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An idea of what is beautiful soon turned into a social norm and by the 1950s, every woman knew how to work a razor. Nowadays, it seems like shaving your armpits isn’t really a choice, it is expected of you.

A few celebrities are questioning that notion now and have started a small armpit hair revolution. Leading the pack of modern feminists is Miley Cyrus, who stopped shaving her armpits a few months ago and isn’t afraid to show them off. She even dyed her armpit hair pink at one stage and thanked photographer Terry Richards for not retouching the photos he took of Miley and (all) her hair.

Other celebs who prefer to go au naturel are Girls stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke, and even Madonna showed off her underarm hair on Instagram recently. So, what do we think about this trend? Is not shaving your armpit hair a sign of being an empowered woman fighting for equality?

The answer is yes, if we assume that women only shave their armpits because men want them to. However, it’s not quite as black and white and I am sure that many women out there happily shave their hair without even caring much about what men think, just like most men shave their beards because they prefer it that way.

In the end, the way we look is always going to be a reflection of society’s ideals and expectations, whether it’s women’s armpit hair or men’s beards. What’s important is that we give people the freedom to choose. So if you want to grow out your armpit hair, please do so! But if you don’t, that’s absolutely fine, too.

Miley Cyrus Armpit Hair


Image via buzz-hut.com

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