A Guide To Paraben-Free Cosmetics

July 13, 2014
A Guide To Paraben Free Makeup

Parabens are commonly referred to as little microbes which can be absorbed into the body, usually through the skin, blood stream and even the digestive system. Many independent makeup brands are moving towards making their products paraben free, since they have been linked to breast cancer and have other harmful effects to the body.

What are parabens?

These preservatives are added into shampoos, conditioners, makeup and almost any skincare product to last longer. They have been used for years since they are very cheap, but also help products have a longer shelf-life. If you check out the ingredients on the back of many products, they are easy to identify because almost all ingredients end in the word ‘paraben.’ Just a few examples include methylparaben, proplyparaben, isopropylparaben and sodium butylparaben.

Should they be avoided?

Many people are choosing to avoid cosmetics and skincare products with parabens because of their links to breast cancer. This is mainly because parabens have a unique quality which is known to mimic oestrogen and cause problems if continuously used on the skin and underarm area. A problem because it soaks up deodorants and moisturiser through the glands. As of recent, this is more of a personal issue, and can differ for each person.

Where can I get paraben-free cosmetics?

Many smaller skincare companies are releasing products specifically catering to the paraben-free market. Although some of these products are often more expensive, they do support a good cause and are usually made of organic materials which do not harm the skin or include any toxic chemicals. Natural Glow Organic Beauty is an online community which stocks natural makeup free from harmful ingredients, but still offers great variety and coverage.

We recommend: La Mav Certified Organic BB Creme 50ml $39.95

Where can I get paraben-free skincare?

Paraben-free skincare is becoming more common and relates directly to environmental issues to keep each other and the planet free from harmful impurities. Appelles is an Australian owned skincare brand which uses native certified organic Australian oils, most packaging is nearly 100% biodegradable and best of all the entire collection is paraben-free.

We recommend: Appelles Comfrey Hand & Body Wash 500ml $34.95

Image via Salon Spa

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