A Beginner’s Guide To Tea

August 4, 2014

In some cultures, tea is central to religious ceremonies and events. For others, it can be the center of a social gathering. But for most, sitting alone with a cup of tea is the best therapy on offer. Not only is tea tasty and relaxing, it is also extremely beneficial to our health. Tea is high in antioxidants which help cleanse our body of bad toxins. It is also said to help combat illness, ease headaches, delay aging, boost immunity, and prevent cancer. To discover the benefits of varying teas, use this helpful list.

Black tea
The most popular tea, black tea comprises 80 per cent of all tea consumed. It is high in caffeine, but offers an energy boost without overstimulation, often experienced by coffee drinkers. Black tea is great for reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Green tea
Green tea is the second most enjoyed tea worldwide. It is high in antioxidants, is great for digestion, helps lift depression, lower blood pressure and is great for the skin. The benefits are endless.

White tea
White tea has the least caffeine and the most antioxidants. It can only be harvested during certain times of the year, and is thus considered quite exclusive. It shares many qualities with its green sibling, but has a lighter, sweeter taste.

Rooibos tea
One of Rooibos’ greatest assets is it is naturally caffeine free, and can thus be consumed by children and pregnant women. Also very rich in antioxidants, it can improve circulation, aid in the absorption of iron and, help skin conditions.

Peppermint tea
Popular in the Netherlands, you can make peppermint tea at home by adding fresh mint leaves to hot water. Peppermint tea has relaxing properties and is also good for aiding digestion and reducing bloating. Some believe that it can relieve symptoms of cold sores.

Ginger tea
Also easy to make at home, ginger tea is often consumed with lemon and honey to make it a bit sweeter on the taste buds. Ginger is anti-bacterial and is therefore great at boosting your immunity and combatting cold and flu. It is also said to aid nausea and morning sickness.

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