Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

November 26, 2014

Who can resist a delicious mocktail during the summer season? Sometimes these drinks are packed with too much sugar which also makes them unappealing if you’re watching your weight, but we have a few options which are perfectly guilt-free!

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Mango colada

A splash of coconut milk and pureed frozen mango chunks are the only ingredients you need for this yummy cocktail. Serve with a slice lemon or lime for extra flavour!

Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

Watermelon lemonade

Combine watermelon juice with some soda-water to cool off in the warmer weather. A cold slice of watermelon also tastes delicious as a side treat, and don’t forget to add a handful of ice.

Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

Cranberry sparkler

Make this tasty mocktail for your next event by combining cranberries, a teaspoon of maple syrup, orange juice, and sparkling water into a blender. Garnish your drink with fresh cranberry before serving.

Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

Cucumber limeade

If you love your drinks on the sour side, combine cucumber and lime juice into a blender. Add some sparkling water for a lighter drink, and serve with fresh cucumber slices. Yum!

Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

Pink lady cocktail

Combine dragonfruit, sparkling water, a splash of bitters and agave into a blender on high speed, (with some ice). Serve with a slice of dragon fruit (pitaya) for a cute presentation.

Guilt-Free Mocktails For Summer

Images via Maddie Richardson, Dessert Now Dinner Later, Foodganza, Cupcakes and Kale Chips, So Lets Hang Out

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