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Book Review : Guilty Creatures

Book Review : Guilty Creatures

What?s more her husband, a top TV therapist too busy with an identity crisis of his own, doesn?t even seem to notice. A self-proclaimed relationship expert, he is paradoxically blind to the problems closest to home including his daughter’s more-than-a-teenage-crush on her drama teacher! Fisher (once known as Frank) has a reputation to preserve and a dysfunctional family is not what this doctor ordered.

Author Sue Welfare, now 44, didn’t begin writing professionally until her late 30s, spending her younger years at home juggling part-time jobs, helping run her husband’s business and bringing up their 4 sons. Guilty Creatures her latest novel is a funny take on one family’s dilemma – fame or family? – fidelity or freedom? An easy, if somewhat predictable read Guilty Creatures is perfect for that long, boring public transport ride home…

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