Gwen Stefani says No Doubt isn’t breaking up

May 11, 2004

Gwen Stefani says No Doubt isn’t breaking up

Gwen Stefani
Good news for the many fans of No Doubt, as Gwen Stefani assures fans in an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine that the band is not breaking up. “I thought it would be a good publicity stunt to say we were breaking up, but really we’re not,” she said. “We decided after our album Rock Steady that we were going to take some time apart to pursue independent projects and I really wanted to do a movie.” Stefani has a small role as Jean Harlow in director Martin Scorsese‘s Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Stefani, however, does have a new solo album coming out in August, which she describes as “a fun, ’80s-inspired, retro dance album.”

Leave Madonna alone
Madonna turns up privacy efforts
It seems Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie are willing to go to great lengths to kept their $20 million dollar English country estate private property. It seems reports out of the UK suggest that a public inquiry opened last week to look into whether English walkers, known as “ramblers,”or hikers to us, can saunter through Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s 1,200 acre Ashcombe House estate in Dorset, southwest England–of which 100 acres has been defined as open country and therefore open to the public. The couple argues the land should be reclassified as “semi-improved” grassland because it is used for shooting game, which would define it as agricultural land and exclude it from public access. Trying to stop the nosey parkers, eh Mads?

Third time lucky for Nic Cage?
Penniless waitress sweeps Nicholas Cage off his feet!
Could it be a case of third time lucky for Nicolas Cage? Rumours abound that he is about to marry Alice Kim, a 19-year-old brunette who works as a waitress at a LA restaurant, Sushi Avenue. According to The Sun newspaper, cupid struck two months ago when Nic went for a meal with his pals at the restaurant on Valentines Day. He was without a date and became so smitten with Alice during the meal that he invited her to the Oscars with him the following month. The news just gets better for the luckiest waitress in the world as the Oscar-winning movie hunk has reportedly gone one step further and proposed to her with an enormous emerald and diamond ring, which she accepted. (as you do when a spunk like Cage proposes with a massive rock!) But friends say “Nic has really fallen for this girl. She lives with her family because she can’t afford her own place. Alice loves the ring Nic gave her and she was totally amazed by his actions. She keeps pinching herself to check she’s not dreaming.” Hope he turns out to be her Prince Charming not her Prince of Darkness!

Greek gal Jen Aniston
Aniston Carries a Torch for Olympics
Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are among the many stars who will carry the Olympic torch on its journey around the world. The flame was lit in Ancient Olympia on March 25 and brought to Athens’ marble stadium, where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896. It will burn at the stadium until June 4, where it starts a 46,800-mile journey across six continents, 27 countries and 33 cities with some 11,000 runners and will return to Greece July 9 for the second half of its domestic relay. The Summer Olympics will take place in Athens from August 13. Well that?s the plan so far!

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