Gwen Stefani’s a stepmum?

October 26, 2004

Gwen Stefani’s a stepmum?

Mummy Gwen?
Bet there is a Don?t Speak rule being invoked at the Stefani/Rossdale home at the moment with news that spunky Gavin Rossdale is the father of a 15-year-old girl! Frontman for rock band Bush, Rossdale announced that DNA tests have confirmed he is indeed the biological father of London model Daisy Lowe. “Yes, it’s true, but out of respect to all parties concerned, I’ve no further comment,” Rossdale said in a statement. Not so surprisingly Rossdale?s wife No Doubt?s Gwen Stefani is not a happy camper, according to Star Magazine, Stefani once confronted Rossdale about whether he had a relationship with Pearl Lowe (Daisy?s mother), and Rossdale denied it. Oops, not a good move! Conversely, Daisy, an up-and-coming cat-walker who’s currently featured in the October issue of British Vogue, is reportedly over the moon to find out that the 36-year-old Rossdale is her father. The rocker had a brief dalliance with Daisy’s mum, London-based designer and singer Pearl Lowe, years ago when they were both struggling singers in their late teens. Hopefully this does not spell the end of the road for the uber sexy rock couple as the dalliance was over 15 years ago!

Delta singing for Mark
Paris and Mark… and Delta?
In one of the biggest stories of the week, Paris Hilton has told fans that she is currently dating tennis ace Mark Philippoussis and his girlfriend Delta Goodrem is out of the picture. While shopping in West Hollywood on Saturday, she told reporters, “I’ve got a new man and I’m head over heels in love. I adore him, he’s so hot. His name is Mark Philippoussis.” As proof, Paris even showed off a photo of a bare-chested Philippoussis that she keeps in her mobile phone, and when he responded to her text message, she gushed, “I love him, I love him, I love him.” But it seems Delta knew nothing of this revelation. In England promoting her latest single (ironically a love song about Philippoussis), she told reporters last week, ?It’s a long-distance relationship, which, of course, is hard, but everything is fine.” Not so, according to Paris, saying “That is completely over… Mark says after a while it became obvious Delta was too boring.” Delta reportedly found out about the break-up when the media contacted her family. According to a friend, “Delta is really upset, it’s awful. She is really a really happy girl and everything was going so well, and now this.” There have been no reports from either Mark or Delta, although he has withdrawn from this week?s ATP tournament in Stockholm, and her mother and manager have flown the London to comfort the 19-year-old. Interestingly, just a few hours later Paris was seen partying at trendy Los Angeles club Spider in the company of her on-and-off boyfriend, extreme skateboarder Chad Muska. Stay tuned?

What’s he doing?!
Farrell admits enjoying heroin
Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell has outraged drug charities by carelessly admitted to taking heroin in the past and thinking it was “pretty nice”. The 28-year-old has raised the hackles of anti-drug campaigners who have labeled his comments as irresponsible and downright stupid. In a recent interview to GQ magazine, he said about heroin: “I’ve smoked it a couple of times, but I knew where it was going. “For some reason it seemed pretty nice at the time.” Farrell also admitted he smoked pot for the first time when aged 15 and tried ecstasy a year later. The UK?s Sun newspaper has quoted Peter Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance saying: “He should not be bragging about taking heroin. Farrell is a role model for children. If he thinks it is so cool he should go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and see the harsh reality.” For those who thought that the Irish actor appeared to be maturing or even calming down since the birth his son James almost a year ago, his comments on drugs have just proved how wrong they were!

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