Gwyneth And Madonna’s Trainer Reveals Her Workout Secrets

March 11, 2011

Gwyneth And Madonna’s Trainer Reveals Her Workout Secrets

Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous newsletter Goop is dedicated to her trainer Tracey Anderson this week, who reveals her amazing workout secrets that were previously only available to her celebrity clientele (Madonna, Jessica Simpson etc).

“By now, I think you all know how amazing I think my trainer, partner and friend Tracy Anderson is, how she kicked my twice pregnant ass into shape, and keeps taking me to new levels,” Gwyneth gushes in the newsletter. “Tracy’s dream has always been to be able to make her ingenious customized-to-your-problem-areas program available to any woman who is up for the challenge—and now she has… It’s pretty f’ing great ’cause it works!”

The newsletter generated so much hype that Tracey’s website crashed from an overload of traffic!

Tracey explains that her 90-day program called Metamorphosis starts by defining your body into one of four types:

Abcentric – If you gain weight in your midsection and stomach and have a thick waist.

Hipcentric – If you have a smaller waist but larger hips and thighs.

Glutecentric – If you hold weight in your rear or if there’s no distinction between your butt and thighs.

Omnicentric – If you don’t have one particular problem area or if you have all of the above.

“All the body types start with the same workout for the first 10 days and end with the same workout in the last 10 days, these are because you first need to wake up the muscles in your entire body and end with this vitally important connection,”
says Tracey.

She also explains how the program, a combination of exercise and healthy eating, is focused on breaking you out of your bad habits, from junk food to laziness, detoxing your body in the process and is suitable for everyone from diabetics and older women.

Take a look at some of these amazing transformation!

Would you consider doing a 90-day program like this? Does a celebrity trainer add credibility to a weight loss program?

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