Gwyneth giving Brad and Jen a helping hand

March 15, 2005

Gwyneth giving Brad and Jen a helping hand

Brad and Gwyneth in their time together
Brad and Gwyneth in their time together
Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly helping Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston patch up their marriage. According to reports, Gwynnie is selflessly acting as a counsellor to the couple and is encouraging Brad to move back into their Beverly Hills marital home on a trial basis. She?s also asked Jennifer to work on her new film, Running With Scissors, (Brad is producing) so the couple can spend more time together. The bizarre part of this relationship is that Gwyneth was engaged to Brad in the late 90?s. Don?t know about you, but a husband?s ex would be the last person you?d want to see in a break up, particularly when there are rumours of her own marital problems?

Scarlett Johansson in Indiana Jones?
A new sidekick to Harrison Ford?s Indiana Jones is being sourced for the fourth film: The War of the Worlds and Scarlett Johansson has been one of the top suggestions. Tom Cruise has been working with the Oscar nominee in the third Mission: Impossible movie and is convinced she?s perfect for the new Jones film. He has spoken to Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg, suggesting Scarlett for a lead role in the Armageddon drama. According to an insider: “Steven was saying there is a shortage of young actresses who can carry off a strong role. He considered Natalie Portman, but she’s too connected with Star Wars – Tom suggested Scarlett.” Stay tuned!

Cameron rushed to hospital
Cameron Diaz was rushed to hospital last week after falling off a chest of drawers. Diaz was at her home in California and attempting to reach for something above her wardrobe but lost her balance and fell to the floor. Her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, found her sprawled on the floor in their bedroom, and was reportedly frantic. Friends say: “At first the paramedics thought she had broken her back. Although she was bruised, fortunately it was just badly strained. Justin insisted on staying by her side in the ambulance.” She was treated for a strain and received 19 stitches to her head.

Bruce Willis and Lindsay Lohan?
Joshua Jackson in love

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