Gwyneth pregnant again

October 4, 2005

Gwyneth pregnant again

Gwyneth Paltrow has been singing the virtues of being a mum since little Apple was born 16 months ago. She could soon be reliving the experience all over again, as sources have revealed she and husband Chris Martin are expecting their second child. According to friends, “Gwyneth is 99 percent sure this baby was made in one of Chris’ dressing rooms,” believed to most likely be one of the music festivals Coldplay played in England this year. The pair believes this is a positive twist of fate, as they hadn?t decided whether to have another child so soon. “She says this pregnancy puts a lot of things in perspective,” including her work schedule. Despite having three movies in the pipeline, she ?is trying to contain her excitement about having another child, but she’s incredibly happy.” She has also decided that she?d love a baby boy, as ?it would mirror Gwyneth’s childhood, when she was big sister to her younger brother, Jake,” now 30. The baby is due in Australia?s 2006 autumn.

Jen?s playing the field
Jennifer Aniston?s divorce was finalised on October 2nd, and she?s certainly not letting it get her down. Since filming her latest film The Break Up, she?s been splitting her time between co-star Vince Vaughn and young spunky actor Geoff Stults from 7th Heaven fame. According to one insider, Geoff also had a role in The Break Up, “Geoff had a small part, but he made a big impression on Jennifer.” According to one source, “Jen’s mad for Geoff? They are head over heels for each other.” So much so that Jen is considering introducing the chiselled actor to her inner circle, including hairstylist Chris McMillan and Courteney Cox. “Jen always runs her boyfriends by her close friends to get their opinion. Once she has the thumbs-up, things could move fast!” But what about Vince? Well apparently all is not lost ? according to one of his friends, the pair have hooked up at least eight times since late May. “Vince is the unofficial captain of Team Aniston. He loves cheering her up. And they’ve spent some late nights together at Jen’s house, just listening to the waves crash against the shore.” Well now she?s newly single, Jen can once again relish single life. Go girl!

Meanwhile it?s nice to know Jennifer Aniston has someone to turn to in times of need. Her former Friends co-star Courteney Cox says she and Jen tell each other everything: “We have a kind of pact. If anything ever bothers us, we don’t hold it in for one second? From the first day we met, Jen would just drag me out and start telling me stories about her relationships. She’s an all-round friend and she’s incredibly loyal. We went through our relationships and break-ups together, through my wedding to David (Arquette) and my father dying. I love, love, love her.”

Jennifer Garner’s baby girl slip
Kate says to Kirsten: You can keep Orlando!

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