Gwyneth tells Orlando she’s preggers

December 19, 2005

Gwyneth tells Orlando she’s preggers

has reportedly admitted their pregnant is Gwyneth Paltrow. Although she and hubby Coldplay singer Chris Martin haven?t formerly admitted to expecting their second child, Gwyneth reportedly told her secret to friend Orlando Bloom. Apparently The Kingdom Of Heaven star was surprised by Gwyneth?s curves when they met up at the screening of Annie Hall in Notting Hill. He remarked at the enlarged size of Ms Paltrow?s assets (how he managed to comment on her boobs without getting slapped, we?ll never know) and she reportedly just laughed and said, “I know, they are big. I can’t believe it. It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s the best thing about being pregnant. I love the way I look!” When another friend congratulated her, she responded with “I’m a really happy girl right now, things couldn’t be better. I’m feeling great, thanks.” Although not everything is rosy; husband Chris is currently touring the US, and while patting her growing baby bump, Gwyneth admitted: “It’s a great feeling and a great time, but I wish Chris could be here with me now.”

Bill Clinton’s tribute to Elton
Bill Clinton has reportedly filmed a video message for Elton John?s hens night. The former US president filmed the minute video, which will be screened at Elton?s $240,000 cabaret party being planned at London?s Too2Much nightclub. According to a UK newspaper, even Elton?s closest friends were impressed with his celebrity friends. “We knew Elton had good connections, but to see the ex-US president was something else.” Guests including Sting and George Martin are expected to hear Bill?s speech, and will watch the wedding ceremony between Elton and his boyfriend David Furnish in The Guildhall in Windsor on Wednesday.

Christina’s good girl image to stay
Christina Aguilera has decided to ditch her naughty girl image for the sake of her new husband. She?s decided it isn?t respectful and now that she?s Mrs Bratman (or Mrs B as her friends jokingly call her), she has to act the part. “I think the Christina look I had before meeting him is well and truly in my past,? she said. “I’ve decided on a classier image for the future – more fitting for a married lady.” Ooh lardi-da!

Jessica’s divorce heartbreak

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