7 Hacks For Reinvigorating Your Dead Sex Life

March 16, 2019

Take your dead sex life from boring to oh-so orgasmic with these surprisingly easy hacks.

We’ve all had the kind of sex where we get off, but, like, meh. It wasn’t anything to write home about. Unfortunately, it’s usually an inevitability in long-term relationships.

What’s more, when you’ve been in a relationship for a few years, your orgasms can start to get less intense on account of your body accustoming itself to your partner’s sex style. And that can create boredom, loss of desire, and ultimately signal the beginning of the death of your sex life. That’s if you don’t actively do something about it.

The good news is, if you’re someone reading this whose recently lost the sex from their relationship, it’s totally possible (and surprisingly simple) to ‘hack’ your sex life to get back to having more exciting, passionate, orgasmic sex. All you need are a couple of adult ‘tools’ and a readiness to switch things up. Ready? Okay, let’s get to it!

Hack 1: Get elevated

Most couples have sex with one person lying down and the other on top, because it’s comfortable. Unfortunately, it can also get predictable and become boring. But, one very simple tweak to that can make a huge difference to your climax and your passion. By elevating your hips at a 27-degree angle, your partner will have ideal access to your G-spot when they penetrate you from on top. This means two things: a vastly more intense G-spot orgasm (if you haven’t had a G-spot climax, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!) and the ability to achieve female ejaculation. The right angle of G-spot stimulation will trigger squirting in most women, which is a very strong orgasm accompanied by a small gush of clear liquid that feels AH-mazing to experience (and don’t worry, contrary to popular opinion it’s NOT pee).

You can try this with regular pillows, but the likelihood of achieving the exact 27-degree angle required for a G-spot orgasm is slim. Your best best is to invest in a sex pillow like the Liberator, which is angled at exactly 27 degrees and covered in super comfortable, water-resistant fabric for when you reach that gushing orgasm.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 2: Increase blood flow

Or, more specifically, increase blood flow to your clitoris. If you really want to experience a truly earth-shattering orgasm that’s sure to revive even the most dead sex life, getting adequate blood into your clitoris is essential. Masturbating (either alone, or having your partner ‘assist’ during foreplay) prior to sex can help significantly with this. Or, you can try a light clitoral suction device, designed specifically to draw blood into your clit like the Womanizer.

Clitoral suction devices work by using air to create a delicate, pleasant suction sensation when placed over your clitoris. This  suction works to rapidly engorge the clitoris by gently drawing blood into it. When the clitoris is fully engorged, most women describe experiencing easier and more intense orgasms.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 3: Slather on some stimulation

Orgasm balms can be incredibly effective for intensifying your climax. More so, many women who struggle to achieve an orgasm altogether report hitting the Big ‘Oh’ when integrating these into sex or masturbation. Orgasm balms basically work by drawing additional blood flow to the clitoris through a combination of stimulating ingredients.

If you’re dealing with a dead sex life due to an ability to achieve orgasm, an orgasm balm is the ideal solution. It’s best to avoid going too cheap when investing in one to avoid using anything with ingredients that could be cheaply formulated and consequently aggravating to the delicate tissue of your clitoris. Opt for orgasm balms and gels that use mostly natural ingredients and always patch test on another part of your body first.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 4: Double the fun

Incorporating a sex toy into your lovemaking is a surefire way to give your dead sex life serious CPR. But when it’s a couples vibrator, it’s twice as much fun. The best couples vibrators are designed to be worn during sex and controlled with a remote, so you can more or less put them in place and forget about them (until someone grabs the remote to up the intensity!).

Sex toys for couples are a great way to introduce some novelty back into a sex life that’s become overly predictable or stale and to open up new pathways for pleasure and sexual discovery together. You should use plenty of lube when using a couples sex toy during intercourse to make it easy to insert and more comfortable to use.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 5: Introduce some butt play

Including your anus in intercourse is a failsafe way to take your sexual pleasure to new heights, and in turn, put life back into your dead sex life. The anus is actually a giant nerve bundle, so when stimulated it can trigger intense pleasure. If you’re not yet ready to venture into having anal sex, try incorporating a little anal play into your sex session. A butt plug is a great way to do this for anyone starting out, as its small, only goes a short way into your anal opening and then stays in place during sex, so you can put it in and leave it there till you’re done. The plug shaped end on most butt plugs is there to ensure it stays safely in place the entire time, so you don’t have to stress about it coming out or getting sucked up into your butt.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, a vibrating butt plug will add a light vibrating sensation to the mix, similar to the feeling of having a really amazing rim job. It can also be fun to use one with a remote control and let your partner take over control of the vibrations.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 6: Give a sexy gift

It’s a well-known fact that surprising someone with a gift is a great way to show how much you care about them. More so though, it also reignites that sensation of mystery and excitement that’s so often lost in long-term relationships after you’ve fallen into a comfort zone.

So, what better way to get those tingly adult feelings back again than by surprising your significant other with a sexy X-rated gift? An adult board game or beginners bondage kit can be a really fun way to explore new territory together. The Fifty Shades Freed 10 Days of Play Set is a great option, as it works similar to an advent calendar, introducing one sexy new toy into your relationship each day. You can both commit to 10 days of experimenting with each new toy and then let the fun begin. Chances are, at the end of those 10 days, your sexual spark will be well and truly reignited.

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Hack 7: Go public

Is there anything more thrilling than the delicious knowledge you’re doing something naughty and forbidden? There are few better way to rejuvenate a dead sex life than with sex in public.

But wait – before you freak out about getting caught, you needn’t go all the way to enjoy the benefits of public sex. A remote control love egg can be discreetly inserted into your vagina before the two of you go out for dinner, then your partner can control it from a remote hidden away in his pocket. Because no one will be able to physically see what you’re up to, your partner can stimulate you in very public places, with only the two of you in the know as to why you’re really exchanging those smiles across the crowded bar. Opt for a remote egg that’s whisper quiet so you can have total peace of mind during use, then pop it in, head out somewhere pub lic with your partner, and let the naughty X-rated fun begin!

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Reinvigorate your dead sex life

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Nadia explains her top three hacks for putting the sex back into your sexless relationship…

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