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Summer Hair Tips by Joe Gibara

Summer Hair Tips by Joe Gibara

Hair know-how with Joe Gibara

Joe Gibara, the face of Braun Independent Steam has come to the rescue with these hot tips for sexy summer hair.?? ??

What are the key trends for the summer party season???

During the summer months, people tend to like their hair to be shorter and lighter. Summer 2003/04 will focus on choppy styles. The dry textured look will replace the waxy look. Undercuts are a great way of achieving this look as they reduce hair bulk, helping to maintain the textured finish.????

What styling products should we be asking Santa for???

When purchasing styling products it is important to make sure the products won?t dry or damage your hair. Braun has a range of steam styling products, called Braun Independent Steam. Featuring a steam curler and straightener and heated power brush, these products style hair at an ideal temperature ensuring hair isn?t damaged. The steam function provides extra moisture and helps control unruly hair.????

Do we need to change our cleansing and styling products to suit the season?????

No matter what season it is or how busy you are, try and find time in your daily routine to groom and style your hair. I recommend a visit to your hairdresser at least every six weeks for a professional cut and treatment.????During the summer months, treat your hair as you would your skin. Rinse your hair after swimming in the ocean and chlorinated pools, condition hair to replenish moisture lost in the heat, where a hat where possible to protect hair from the sun and use styling products that have a sunscreen component in them.????

What are your predictions for hair in 2004???

The fringe has been very popular over the past year. That trend is fading, so as fringes are grown out, they?ll be swept to the side of the face giving that edgy feel, a la Heidi Klum, and side parts will accentuate this stylish look.????

Waves and curls will also dominate 2004 and colours will move into warmer hues such as light brown and soft reds.????

Which celebrity do you think has the best hair and why???

Kylie has great hair, it is always styled beautifully. She adapts her hair to changing styles, but isn?t a slave to trends. Great colour, great length and she maintains it really well.??

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