Hair removal solutions

August 23, 2005

Hair removal solutions

The days of borrowing our boyfriend?s razor are over: from now on women also have the benefits of four bladed Schick Quattro! Apparently 63% of women believe the best technology has been saved for creating men?s razors, but worry no more because this razor is especially designed for us: it has two conditioning strips, the blades are wire wrapped to ensure ultimate closeness (with no nicks!), there is a zinc alloy handle which feels like a proper razer but the rubber grip shaped for a woman?s hand is comfortable and ensure easy shaving. Schick Quattro for Women is available in October this year.
RRP $11.99. Refills are $14.99

Always wanted a fancy shape down there but too embarrassed to ask for it at the salon? Well now you can give you nether regions a creative hair do in the comfort of your own home. Naughty Nad?s is a new product that comes with adhesive templates so you can create your own ?Landing Strip?, ?Bermuda Triangle?, ?Thunderstruck? or ?Heart Breaker? shape. Summer has never seen so much excitement! Available from September
RRP $16.95

If you?re really not into pain, the Creamaway depilatory cream could be for you. Lilliane Caron?s Creamaway has a soft gentle action formula has been developed to effectively remove unwanted facial and body hair. Hair will dissolve upon contact with the formula and after rinsing off with warm water, will leave the skin hair free, soft and silky for days.
All you have to do is apply Creamaway with your fingertips, wait 5-7 minutes and wipe off.
RRP $8.95

Tried epilating before but found it a bit painful? Braun is launching two new, upgraded epilators set to be more sophisticated than ever before. The Braun Silk-epil Eversoft Delux 2150DX features four-way pain softeners to relax the skin and the design is more ergonomic for a womanly body than ever before. Hair can be plucked from as short as 0.5mm and you?ll remain fuzz free for weeks at a time. Not bad! If you buy the Braun Silk-epil EverSoft Epilator 2150DX, you can take advantage of Braun’s 60 Day Trial Offer.
RRP $79.95

Permanent Hair Removal
We all know that traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking, waxing and depilatory creams provide only temporary relief. Previously the only recognised way to remove hair permanently has been by electrolysis ? which can be tedious, time-consuming and uncomfortable. The new GentleLase System safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. It works with a long-pulse high energy Alexandrite laser that emits a gentle beam of light. It passes through the skin to the hair follicle where the laser energy is transformed into heat, which destroys the hair follicle leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The skin is further protected during treatment by a Dynamic Cooling Device where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin cooling the upper layers and providing patents with increased comfort. The GentleLase selectivity helps to protect the skin, while effectively treating the unwanted hair. Facial and bikini areas are usually completed in less than ten minutes. Legs, backs and larger areas can take longer.
For quote and more information, check out (NSW), (VIC) (SA)

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