Hair Trend Report: Brunettes Are Back

October 13, 2011

The brunette is back this season, with oodles of shine, depth and richness. Hair extraordinaire Daniel Mostyn of Dirty Girl has some tips for which shade of brown will suit your skin type, and how to transition over from blonde – if you dare.

Skin tone:

Olive skin: Choose a warm shade to complement the warm
skin tone such as a chocolate hazel, which will bring out a
cleaner palette and create a glow. Cooler/darker shades will
exaggerate flaws in olive to dark skin.

Freckly and fair complexion: A warm velvet brunette is
perfect for this skin type. A warm tone will define freckles
beautifully and bring lightness to the complexion.

Pink tone: Cool shades work beautifully, namely violet
brunette. It will enhance the pink within the skin for a fresh,
youthful look and will make the natural lip colour pop.

Daniel’s tips for transitioning from blonde to brunette:

Change is great, but remember if you are blonde and are planning on going dark, itwill take approximately 8-12 months to once again be perfectly (and healthily) blonde.

Rethink your current style: Darker hair requires the perfect
form, meaning brunette enhances the cut, be it a great style or a
bad one. If you need to update, go with a cut you can style well
yourself and which complements your face shape.


Home care is vital to maintain intensity and
shine. Use good colour enhancing products and apply an
enriching treatment regularly. Also, ask your stylist to coach you
in styling your hair correctly, so that the colour and cut complement
one another.

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