Hair trends! Twist, braid or plait.

November 9, 2009

Kathrin Manger of Barney Martin Hairdressing explains how to get the hottest trend this season.

Braids, plaits or twists are not only the hottest look on the catwalk this season, but also offer a great way to change your look without cutting or colouring your hair. A messy, loose braid can create a textured look or a
tight twist or plait can give a new take on the sleek ponytail. So pack up your straightener and get your fingers to work!

Kathrin Manger, senior stylist at Barney Martin Hairdressing also says, “Braids, plaits and twists can help to disguise re-growth or a grown out fringe and are a great way to hide oily roots.”

To create a braid simply:

1. Take a triangle section at the front of the hairline
2. Split section of hair into three equal parts
3. Continue as you would a plait but for each section you cross into the middle you need to add hair from each side of your head – keep adding until you reach the nape
4. To finish off, plait the hair to the end of your pony tail and secure with hair band

For a twist which is the most simple style to start with:

1. Part your hair on the side
2. Take a 2cm section from hairline
3. Twist the hair in one direction
4. Keep adding pieces of hair as you move along the hairline until you reach the nape
5. Secure in place with bobby pins

Or for traditional plaits:

1. Use an elastic to fix the position where you want the plait to start (low on side is cute)
2. Section the ponytail into three equal parts
3. Cross the right part into the middle then cross the left part into middle, continue until you reach the end of your hair
4. Secure with a small elastic band, you can tease the end for a messy look or leave sleek

Kathrin’s final tip: “For all styles add hairspray and tease a little if you’re going for a messy style.”

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