Haircare revival

January 24, 2005

Haircare revival

1. Comb or brush out your hair before you wash, starting at the ends and working your way up.

2. Wet hair with warm water. Squeeze out a twenty cent sized dollop of shampoo for medium less, more or less for other lengths. More lather doesn?t necessarily mean a better clean so you don?t need to add more shampoo if you are hoping for a bigger foam

3. Using the balls of your fingers, press down with the thumb and massage rather than scrub the shampoo into the scalp and roots. This increases circulation therefore more nutrients will reach each hair root.

4. Rinse thoroughly til your hair squeaks!

5. Repeat the shampoo process again if you?re partial to styling product or your hair is really dirty. The first shampoo removes the product and the second shampoo ensures it?s properly cleaned.

6. Squeeze out as much excess water as you can. Apply a twenty cent sized dollop of conditioner into your hands and rub hands together before applying it to mainly mid-lengths and ends.

7. Work conditioner through the lengths using a wide-tooth comb such as the Hairs and Graces Wide Tooth Comb,

8. After rinsing, always finish with a splash of cold water. It?s great for stimulating blood flow to the scalp and it will close the cuticle leaving hair glossy and shiny

9. Blot hair with a towel to absorb water. Never rub hair dry as it will damage the cuticle making hair frizzy and split.

10. While your hair is still damp, gently loosen out any tangles using your comb (never a brush). Be most gentle when it?s wet as this is when the hair is most fragile.

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