5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

July 25, 2014

Coming up with stylish hairstyles in the summer can prove difficult – especially if you have long, thick hair which has a mind of it’s own. Rather than sweating it out or causing extra-frizz to your long locks, try some of these hairstyles to keep stylish and cool in the heat.

Side ponytail

This look is appropriate for a variety of occasions since it offers a twist to a tired, old ponytail. Part hair to your preferred side, then add some styling mousse and with your fingers create texture at the ends of the hair. This is also a great alternative to heat or styling products which will only make you feel hotter.

5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

Low bun

If you really don’t want to fuss with your hair, try a low bun. This is the ultimate summer-friendly hairstyle which will keep your neck and back hair-free. Apply a texturising spray to freshly washed hair, then pin at the nape of the neck. It is your choice if you want a completely slicked-back style, or rather prefer your layers or fringe hanging out the front.

5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

Voluminous braid

Try a classic fishtail braid if you want to avoid the summer heat, and keep your hair clean throughout the evening. Part onto one side and thread hair through until you have reached the ends – then secure with a thin hair tie. Take pieces of the braid and pull outwards to create definition.

5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

High ponytail

Achieve this look by styling your hair with a curling wand, or adding a little sea salt spray if you’ve been at the beach all day. Then secure into a high ponytail, before adding volume at the ends. This look is perfect if you want to take your hairstyle from day to night.

5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

Slicked back

Want to battle it out and wear your hair down instead? Go for a slicked-back look which will avoid any chance of flyaways, and will keep any of your locks from sticking to your face or lip gloss.

5 Hairstyles To Survive The Heat

Images via Popsugar, Sascha Breuer, Denise Salceda, Hairstylepedia

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