5-Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair

August 15, 2014

Styling medium to long hair can often mean slaving over a heated hair straightener, resulting in burnt fingers and a less than perfect hairstyle. Why spend hours working on your hair, when you don’t need to? There are many quick hairstyles which can take you no longer than five minutes before heading out the door.

High ponytail

Brush through the ends of your hair carefully, then create a high ponytail. Secure with a hair tie, then add some texturising spray at the ends. This will give hair some artificial body and bounce without using styling products.

5 Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair


The sock bun takes just minutes to create a full, and flawless hairstyle. Simply tie hair into a low ponytail, thread through the sock-bun, then cover it completely with your hair. Pin back any loose strands, before setting the hair with a finishing spray.

5 Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair

Hair bow

Bring some spice to long, straight hair by adding a fun hair bow. Brush your hair back and tie it up in a half-up half-down style. Before you’re done threading through the hair elastic, leave the ponytail in an incomplete bun. Then pull out the sides and tuck in the ends of your hair to resemble a bow.

5 Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair

Twisted ponytail

Keep your hair down low into a low ponytail. Divide it into two sections, then wrap them around each other before tucking in at the ends.

5 Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair

Tease and tie

Keep your hair down, and tease it at the crown using a back combing technique. Then plait two braids just above your ears, before securing at the back with a bobby pin.

5 Minute Styles For Medium To Long Hair

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