6 Ways To Care For Hair Extensions

August 8, 2014

Whether you’re interested in getting extensions or simply want to know more about them, one thing you should know is that they require lots of additional care. Extensions add length, volume and make hair thick and luscious if you aren’t exactly blessed with it naturally. If you’re considering hair extensions, take a peek at all of our tips on how to care for them in the best way possible.

Wash regularly

If your extensions are just clip-ins, make sure to wash them on a regular basis. Use a mild shampoo designed for coloured hair, and gently soak in lukewarm water before leaving to air-dry.


To avoid any nasty tangles, brush or comb through your extensions on a day-to-day basis. Spray some de-tangling mist onto the ends and comb through gently to avoid any major problems.

Styling products

Feel free to use curlers, hair driers and curling wands on your hair, but make sure to keep them 3-4cm away from the hair bonds (if these are your types of extensions). Sometimes the heat can melt away the bond, and move the hair extension from it’s place.

Avoid sulphur

Try and avoid using shampoo, conditioner and deep cleansing products which contain sulphur. Usually found in dandruff shampoos, this ingredient can break down the hair follicle causing it to look and feel brittle.


To prevent salt water and chlorine sticking to your hair, it is best to completely wet the extensions prior to swimming. When you’re done, apply a solution which eliminates the damage from the water.

Leave-in conditioner

Apply a moisturising leave-in conditioner at least once a week, to keep your ends looking nourished. Allow to air-dry as opposed to using heat products directly on the extensions.

Image via Clip Hair

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