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‘Hairy Leg’ Tights – Would You Wear Them?

‘Hairy Leg’ Tights – Would You Wear Them?

‘Hairy Leg’ Tights – Would You Wear Them?

US clothing label J Crew is known for its preppy chic fashion (Michelle Obama is a huge fan) and having something for everyone. Well, I’m not sure if their latest trend is going to catch on…

I’m in New York this week and was checking out the J Crew web site when I stumbled upon the shoe section and this ‘interesting’ photo:

Huh? Did that model forget to shave or is this a new trend – au naturel? And after our recent discussion over Julia Roberts’ hairy armpits I wasn’t sure how SheSaid readers would take it!

Turns out these are fine lace tights and a hot new trend for the northern autumn/winter! Personally I think they look terrible…and I’m not the only one, with a stack of style blogs and newspapers calling it a major fashion faux pas.

J Crew must’ve been paying attention because less than a day later, the same image has been replaced with a more traditional legwear look…

What do you think? Would you ever wear these tights?

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