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Hairy Men Have More Sex?

Hairy Men Have More Sex?

Women Love Hairy Men!

A national survey has revealed that Australian women love men with facial hair – and will put up with pash rash for a snog with a hairy guy!

The survey, conducted by Schick and Jigsaw Strategic Research, found that 60% of women believe that men with facial hair have much more sex appeal than their cleaner cut counter parts.

The same women admitted that facial hair makes men seem more adventurous and stylish, and equate styled facial hair with being wild in the bedroom.

Nearly two-thirds of men interviewed said having well-groomed facial hair gives them a much better success rate with women. So does that explain the rise of metrosexuals?

Schick has also launched a new competition called “The Man of 1,000 Faces” which sees Septimus Caton challenge the men of Australia to “man up” and see if they can raise him or beat him in the facial hair style stakes. A weekly prize of $1,000 will be given away to the facial hair giants of Australia for 12 whole weeks, with the grand prize being an enormous $15,000. Enter the competition men can log onto

Do you prefer a hairy man or clean cut man?

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