Hall Pass Movie Review

March 14, 2011

Hall Pass Movie Review

By Kathy Blanter

I know I shouldn’t have enjoyed Hall Pass, but I did. It’s low brow, it plays on stereotypes, it features a few “eewwwww” Farrelly brothers’ moments
but it’s a great way to spend a couple of hours in the dark with your
husband. We both laughed, a lot, which is kind of what you want when you escape to the movies for a few precious hours without the kids!

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis play best friends Rick and Fred
who are granted marriage “hall passes” after their immature ways annoy their
wives (played by The Office’s Jenna Fischer and the gorgeous Christina Applegate) once too often.

The wives take off with the kids for a week and Rick and Fred, along with
their posse of geeks (featuring the magnificent Stephen Merchant), embark on
seven days of shenanigans with the aim being to sleep with some nubile young

There’s nothing groundbreaking here, just plenty of laughs of the unevolved
variety. Underneath the bad taste jokes and gross visual humour there’s a
soft centre which makes this a perfect date night movie. (As with all
Farrelly brothers’ films – There’s Something About Mary, Shallow Hall – stay away if you are easily grossed out by bodily

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