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Halle Berry writes to Agony Aunt!

Halle Berry writes to Agony Aunt!

Halle Berry writes to Agony Aunt!

We all need a little advice
Halle Berry has proved that she?s no different to the many other women who are searching for answers. According to the Sunday Express, she has written to Los Angeles Sentinel columnist Deanna Michaud and urged her to use her real name at the end in the hope it will help other women. She asked for career advice following the flop of Catwoman and relationship help after the break-up of her marriage to Eric Benet. Naturally enough, Deanna had big misgivings about publishing the letter, believing it to be a hoax. In the end, she decided the letter was genuine, saying “I’m satisfied that this is an authentic letter from Halle Berry. She told me something in her letter which is so very personal only she would know it. I’ve been able to verify that the very sensitive, confidential information she included – which will not be published – was indeed, penned by her.” And her advice? “Like all women, you also have personal issues only you can work out with a strong support system, professional counseling and faith.”

The new teen witch
Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar will take the lead role in a movie adaptation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. According to Teen Hollywood the 27-year-old star has apparently beaten Britney Spears to the part… Leonardo DiCaprio rubbed diners up the wrong way when he showed a little too much PDA in a LA diner last week. He was rubbing Gisele Bundchen’s bare feet at the table, but it was a little too much when he lovingly kissed her toes, all while other people dined! Ew!…

Vin Diesel
Celebrity Predictions: Vin Diesel
Right now we are seeing Mr Diesel lighting up the silver screen with his new blockbuster and this is a successful period for him. Over the next seven months, he is going to be making headlines, but not for his acting abilities. By February 2005, the gossip magazines are going to be full of stories regarding his playboy ways. An unknown actress will claim Mr Diesel is the father of her unborn child, although he isn?t. The scandal will not help his career and he will miss out on some exciting roles because of the allegations. By November 2005, he will be ?hot property? again, yet his choice of movie roles will certainly confuse the public and media. For more celebrity predictions, check out
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