Halloween Ideas For Kids

October 30, 2014

Does your little one have high hopes of dressing up this Halloween? Costume shopping doesn’t have to be painful, instead you can impress them with your face-painting skills, and create a unique look they will truly adore.

All you need is 3-4 brushes in a few different shapes, a cosmetic sponge, and some face-paints (remember, you can always mix colours together if you stick to the basics).

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Halloween Ideas For Kids

A perfect costume which is perfect for both boys and girls! You can experiment with different colours, but if you wanted to stay true to this classic costume, all you need is red, blue, black and white paint to accentuate those edges.


1. Start on a clean, dry, face. While this may seem difficult to accomplish on a younger child, you can always distract them if you have another friend in the room. Use a baby wipe to make the face super-clean, and allow to dry naturally.

2. Since we’re focusing a lot of the product around the eyes, it’s important to work with the child’s eyes closed for most of the time. With a thin paintbrush, carefully draw a spiders web starting from the nose, and extending outwards above the eyebrow, around the eyes, and watch it just connect under the bridge of the nose.

3. Use the red paint brush and a cosmetic sponge to fill-in any of the gaps. If you’re feeling really confident, go ahead and draw a spider on the bridge of their nose. It’s super-easy and should connect with the web – genius!

4. A white or silver paint is the last step since it will accentuate the features of the spider webs, and make it stand out like they’re 3D. Always start on one side of the face – this will allow you to finish up nice and easy before the child get’s unsettled.


Halloween Ideas For Kids

Who doesn’t love a little pumpkin during Halloween, that’s what it’s all about! This is much easier if you have a sturdy hand, or if you’re working with an older child.


1. If you’re feeling uncertain about drawing a pumpkin, think of it has connecting two halves of a circle. Work on the cheek since there’s so much more room as opposed to anywhere else on the face!

2. After you’ve drawn the pumpkin, highlight the main areas with a thin brush dipped in black paint. Draw in any weeds with a thin, green colour to complete the overall look.

3. If the child is getting fussy, give them a small hand-held mirror so they can look at themselves while you work – it always works a treat!


  • Choose colours which are quick-drying and won’t transfer on their clothes throughout the day/night. Although some of these paints might seem a little costly, it’s always best to do your research before buying any face-paints.
  • To avoid buying a huge pack of paint brushes (half of which you won’t end up using), choose just one thin brush. This will allow you to draw really thin lines, and you can also paint a larger surface area as well.
  • If your child is super-fussy and won’t sit still, give them a snack. Anything that will take their mind off of what they’re doing is always a good thing!

Images via Face Painting UK, Hub Pages

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