Hands-on treatments (con’t)

August 2, 2005

Hands-on treatments (con’t)

Don?t forget to apply sunscreen on your hands. We rarely think about protecting our hands from the sun because we rarely burn there, but hands will give away your age better than any other part of your body and can even add a few cruel years too, so look after them. I once worked with a PR for a beauty company. She was based in LA and wore taupe leather gloves everywhere she went to protect her skin. She may have had a touch of the Howard Hughes about her, but if worked and she had the hands of a twelve year old.

Q. What can I do to minimise my huge hands?
A. Try wearing billowy sleeves, which make arms and hands look daintier. Huge jewellery, such as chunky gold and silver bangles and elaborate rings, can make hands and fingers look smaller. Keeping hands exfoliated and moisturised can make them seem more feminine.

Q. I have yellowing nails. What can I do to whiten them?
A. Wearing nail varnish regularly can cause yellowing nails, so go au naturel at least one or two days each week, which will bring the natural pink colour back in no time. Also, scrub your nails regularly to clean them and try soaking them in lemon juice for a few minutes, which can remove stains without drying your skin.

Q. What?s a cheap way to pamper my hands without getting a manicure?
A. Once a week apply a moisturising face pack to your hands and leave for ten or fifteen minutes. Then rinse it off and give your hands a massage with some lovely rich gooey hand cream or a natural oil such as almond or grapeseed.

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