Happy Endings: Yes Prince Charming Does Exist (at least in the movies!).

July 5, 2005

Happy Endings: Yes Prince Charming Does Exist (at least in the movies!).

Are you sick of screaming to the Universe, ?I?m ready for Mr Right, RIGHT NOW!? Only to still come up empty handed or even worse on a coffee date with that guy in the office with a twitch you swore you?d never go out with? Even though you hate to admit it you?re getting a tad worried?

Well, keep the faith and follow author Kathy Buchanan?s lead in her new book, Happy Endings (Penguin) which is like a private movie and book club for women.

If you believe in the silver screen Kathy will show you that through great movies; it really is possible to find your soul mate. Or at least keep the faith that he?s out there somewhere ? just waiting for a chance encounter (think the ?nice girl? Nia Vardalos scoring the gorgeous guy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding), an awkward friendship which turns into a lifetime love (think Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally) and love against the odds (think Molly Ringwald in the classic 1980s hit Sixteen Candles).

Here are some great movies to watch when your love life is causing you more high-drama than a super-charged soapie, or even worse you haven?t had a date since 2003! Get yourself off to the movies and find your very own happy ending…

Bride and Prejudice
If you loved Jane Austen?s classic novel Pride and Prejudice (where, as in all good stories, love overcomes all), then you?ll adore this colourful Bollywood update, complete with flashy song and dance numbers. Mrs Bakshi is a mother with four beautiful but unmarried daughters to unload so understandably she?s eager to snare any rich single gentlemen who seem perfectly nice and are going spare. The feisty Indian beauty, Lalita (Aishwarya Rai) is holding out for true love, not a healthy bank account but when she meets spunky Will Darcy (Martin Henderson), sparks definitely start to fly. Maybe first impressions don?t always count as much as we think?
WATCH IT WHEN: You want to believe that Prince Charming does exist and fairy tales really can come true.

Happy Endings con’t More great romantic movie ideas by Kathy B

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