Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2011

Happy International Women’s Day!

Beautiful book Women’s Words is filled with inspiration from 50 Australian women, from Kathy Lette to Collette Dinnigan. We chat with author Karen Phillips on what women should celebrate today…and can we really have it all?

What was it about these women that impressed you for you to include them in this wonderful book?

It took some time to determine who would be most suitable to include. I really wanted to feature women who had a special story to share, women with something to contribute not only in their success but their challenges and their happiness as well. I think this is really invaluable when it comes to imparting wisdom.

What are some of the advancements to women’s rights we should be celebrating this International Women’s Day?

The celebration over the years to mark this day has certainly changed from 100 ago or even just 20 years. While equality is still a major issue, I feel it is vitally important to be focusing on other key areas such as entrepreneurial leadership and managing change.

And in what areas are we still struggling with?

As women become busier, it is easy to lose the vital connections that were once a big part of our daily lives. With so many balls to juggle it’s easy to lose sight of the important things in life and I think as women, we need to take time for ourselves and focus on what is truly important – much easier to say than do I know!

What do you think of the idea of women ‘having it all?’

I think this statement is really a fallacy. People like to think you can have it all, but in reality to get what it is you want, usually you need to give something up. Working towards achieving success is not necessarily determined by how much money you make, or your position but by how much you treasure in all areas of your life. Many of the amazing women included in the Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion express this sentiment.

What are your hopes for the young Australian women of today?

I hope that young women believe they can achieve anything , because they can!! We have such a wonderful plethora of role models and mentors who really show that with determination, desire and belief you can aspire to great heights. I think young women these days have far more options to enable them to live a truly fulfilled life and my hope for them is that they not only succeed but get to ‘skip’ a little along the way because after all enjoying it is the key to everything!

Women’s Words Of Wisdom Power & Passion, $34.95.

Which Australia woman inspires you the most?

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