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Has your hair gone a bit haywire of late? You could be suffering from ‘Autumn Frazzle’…

Has your hair gone a bit haywire of late? You could be suffering from ‘Autumn Frazzle’…

Has your hair gone a bit haywire of late? You could be suffering from ‘Autumn Frazzle’…

Nifty Braun Hairstyler
Autumn is time to take charge of hair…the effects of summer (sun, surf and humidity) all create havoc with our hair and can still be felt and seen well into the autumn months, leaving hair frazzled and frizzy. In fact, you might have succumbed to a condition known as ?Autumn? or ?Fall? Frazzle!

You might notice your mum?s hair looks especially unkempt ? age, health and stress are also factors that can affect the condition of the hair and may leave her suffering from more bad hair days than good!

Celebrity hairstylist and Braun hairstyling spokesperson, Joe Gibara reckons: “Steam hairstyling products are perfect for everyone and especially great for mums. They’re easy to use and give quick, fantastic results. As people grow older, hair can get a bit wirier and more prone to bad hair days! The heated brush, curler and straightener from Braun are perfect to help tame unruly hair and because they?re steam-based, they won’t dry out the hair?.

Powered by a nifty energy cell, the hairstylers are cordless and perfect to pop in handbags or keep in a desk drawer at work. They won?t break the bank either – the Braun Independent Steam Styler and Curler is $64.95 (RRP), Independent Steam & Straight is $69.95 (RRP) and the Heated Power Brush, $49.95 (RRP).

As an added Mothers? Day bonus ? any Braun Independent Steam product purchased until May 9 and could include a bonus 100g bottle of Schwarzkopf Silhouette Lacquer Superhold* to help the style last all day and night.

All products are available from department stores, electrical retailers, mass merchant stores and selected pharmacies nationwide. Braun consumer helpline

Six Steps to Autumn Hair Heaven from Braun:

1. Make sure that you?re getting your essential vitamins and minerals ? hair health ultimately comes from within
2. Regularly condition your hair or give it a boost with a leave-in conditioner once a week
3. Beware of harmful UV rays, even in the cooler months – select shampoos and conditioners that have UV filters
4. Don?t neglect regular trims during the cooler months. It is especially important for maintaining longer hair, or to assist with growing out a style and is the only way to reduce the chance of split ends
5. Adopt a style to suit the season: Hair tends to be grown during the autumn/winter months. Layer hair around the face to soften a long, sharp style. Or use a hair curler to soften the ends. Waves and curls add a soft and romantic touch in the cooler months
6. A bit of steam styling can make a huge difference to unruly hair, and requires very little effort ? very useful for women on the go. It?s a fantastic way to maintain a sleek look and won?t dry hair out.

SheSaid and Braun have three fabulous Independent Steam and Straight products to give away. Click here for more details.

*subject to availability, while stocks last. Offer not available in Priceline and Target.

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