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Have You Found Your Valentine?

Have You Found Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s a day that most people either look forward to excitedly, or dread. It’s one of those few days of the year when it really hits home that you’re single. And while being single is kind of cool these days, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to receive a cute card (and if you’re lucky more!) that means you’re special in someone’s eyes?

But how can you find someone to spend Valentine’s Day with this close to the actual day? Simple – go online. It’s a woman’s world online according to RSVP, Australia’s largest singles site, where there’s a male-dominant ratio of 60 to 40. RSVP’s marketing manager, Melanie Bowman, explains that this is the case because men are used to pursuing women. “They simply take it online as an extension of their social habits,” she said.

In the past two years, online dating sites have experienced a huge boost in membership numbers and activity. In the past year alone, RSVP’s membership has grown by a massive 95%, and the site will not only celebrate its 7th birthday on Valentine’s Day, but will also welcome its 350,000th member.

According to Melanie, one major reason why online dating is experiencing such a boom is because of positive experiences from using the site. “A large number of our new members advise us that they joined the site because it was recommended by a friend,” she said. “People are talking about their experiences with RSVP and because they have had a great time using the site, their friends are jumping online too.”

Safety is another important factor in the online dating world. Reputable sites like RSVP offer an anonymous system to send emails back and forth, which means that your personal details are kept private. “You’re in complete control,” advised Melanie. “You decide who you contact and keep in contact with, you provide your email address or phone number when you want to, and you decide who to meet and when.”

RSVP doesn’t charge a joining fee, and you can search the site to your heart’s content without paying a cent. You can simply join up and wait to see who contacts you. But it is a woman’s world online after all, so why not take charge and contact that cute guy you’ve spotted? You may just end up with a Valentine’s date after all.

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