The 3 Things That Cause Most Relationship Problems (And How To Fix Them)

July 7, 2019

If you’ve been having relationship problems, you NEED to watch this video.

I’ve been writing about sex, relationships and mental health for years – long before I started talking about these things on Youtube. I’m definitely not an expert in love and relationships (who is, really?), but I’ve learned some lessons throughout my life that I’m all too happy to share.

Since starting my channel, people have been asking me for all kinds of advice, from how to finger a woman correctly to how to solve relationship problems. A lot of the problems we have in our relationships come down to three main issues; expecting our partners to mindread and know what we want without communicating, making our partner the most important person in our lives, and not valuing each others’ time.

If you’re experiencing issues in your relationship because of these things, watch my latest video to find out how to fix these relationship problems and have a loving, fulfilling and communicative relationship…

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