Are You Having trouble sleeping?

January 2, 2001

Sleeping is very personal. Some people need eight hours a night while others can survive on only four or five. It is funny how as we get older we don’t need as many hours in bed snoozing as we did when we were little. It doesn’t matter what age you are; a good night’s sleep can improve your mind and well-being. So follow these 15 pointers so you can get some proper zzzz’s.

  1. Never read or watch TV in bed. Might seem strange but these are considered ‘up’ activities. Things you should do when you are up and at it. If you suffer from bad insomnia then these two things are definitely a ‘no go’.
  2. Always crawl into your bed when you’re sleepy, not when you usually go to bed.
  3. Take time to wind down before you go to bed. Around about an hour before you intend to go to sleep rid your mind of anxious thoughts.
  4. Try to do some breathing exercises and relax.
  5. A very important point is to remember that your bed is for sleeping. If you go to be and find you can’t sleep after 15-20 minutes then get up and do something relaxing.
  6. Always keep your room cool. Don’t have a heater or air-conditioner on, blowing hot air all night.
  7. Don’t count sheep as your mum used to tell you because it is an act of stimulation.
  8. Only exercise in the afternoon or early evening but definitely no later than three hours before bedtime.
  9. Never overeat. Try to have dinner at least 3-4 hours before you decide to go to sleep.
  10. Try not to nap during the day.
  11. If you are one of those unlucky people who wake up during the night and find yourself tossing and turning for more than 40 minutes. You should get up and do something else.
  12. Don’t have caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes two to three hours before bedtime.
  13. Can’t sleep? Keep a journal by your bed so you can write your concerns and hopes down.
  14. Wake up to a disturbing dream then add an ending that you want.
  15. Play relaxing music or classical music before you nod off.

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