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He Doesn’t Value You? Do This

He Doesn’t Value You? Do This

This might be hard to hear…

I’ve been where you’ve been.

After spending years on the dating scene falling for guys who didn’t appreciate my worth, I decided enough was enough.

I would develop really strong feelings for these men, only for them to ghost me. This left me wondering what was wrong with me; why couldn’t I get a guy to commit?

The relentless rejection made me question my own worth until I realized the most important thing. Let me use a little analogy…

When I was in college I had a filthy car. There were food wrappers everywhere and to be honest, I think there might have been something funky growing in there.

As it was so dirty, when people would get in my car they would leave their own rubbish behind with little regard for the consequences because there were none – it was already filled with trash.

This meant that when I did (eventually) get around to cleaning the car, I wasn’t just cleaning up my own rubbish.

The same goes for the way you treat yourself. If you treat yourself poorly, you are giving other people an excuse to do the same.

My latest video goes out to the ladies who keep finding themselves in unhappy relationships.

So, he doesn’t value you.

Maybe he’s showing less interest in you. He’s not replying to your texts and he’s not making any effort. The connection seems to be fading despite all the energy you are throwing into it and he’s flaky on dates.

You are worth more than that.

As women, we are taught that our relationships with men are the most important things. There is so much pressure to have it all – the career, the husband and the family. This pressure causes a lot of us to lower our standards and settle for guys who don’t treat us as well as they should.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been ghosted and while at the time it sucked, I learned a few important lessons about my value and how to assert my worth.

This is how to know, own and assert your own value…

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