Your Health According To Your Body Type

May 24, 2015
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We’ve all classified ourselves before; whinging about our thighs on our pear shaped body, or our chubby tummy on an apple, or lack of curves on a banana. But, do we realise that our body shape actually dictates our health and how we should treat our bodies?

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Our body type is a reflection of how we should workout, what we should eat and which medical problems to look out for. Genetics and body shape are linked, therefore it’s important to know what your body needs.


An apple body shape carries more fat around the abdomen, which can be detrimental for health. Fat around the abdomen is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease as the fat breaks down and circulates in the blood. We may turn into apple shapes as we hit the middle-age spread, but natural apples need to be careful with their diet and exercise.

Aerobic activity such as swimming and walking can help to reduce the fat on the stomach, without putting too much pressure on joints. Weight training a couple of times a week is also a great way to burn fat in the mid-section and build a strong body. Staying away from the natural cravings of highly processed and white carbohydrates and sticking to a more protein based diet can be beneficial to apples, too.

health according to your body type


Carrying more fat around the hips and buttocks gives pears their bottom heavy shape. The location of fat on a pear shaped body is said to be not as likely to cause the medical conditions like that of of an apple, but can cause osteoarthritis from the extra weight on the hips and is more likely to appear as cellulite.

As the thighs and buttocks tend to be problem areas, exercises like running and power walking can be used to slim the inner thighs. Weights can be used to tone problem areas and should also be used to tone the upper body to balance out the shape. A low-fat diet is also going to help the pear burn unwanted fat, with complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fruits and vegetables.

health according to your body type


A bean shape means that the hips, waist and shoulders are all relatively similar in size. Weight gain is more prominent around the middle, which is cause for concern of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The bean doesn’t have many curves and is usually a narrow shape.

This particular shape can benefit from eating a diet that includes healthy fats like fish and avocado, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. To keep stomach fat at bay and add some curves, weight training is a great tool to sculpt the body and create shape. Workouts that involve the butt, shoulders and legs with relatively heavy weights are great for the body.

health according to your body type

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