Why I Broke Up With My Best Friend Of 12 Years

Sometimes loving yourself means ending a relationship.

The Access Bars: A New Cure For Depression And Anxiety?

I went in not knowing what to expect – and came out not knowing what to think.

29 Things You Can Do To Become Better At Self-Care

Because if you don’t take care of you first, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

I Ghosted My Therapist And I Don’t Feel So Bad

I’ll admit it; I, Jennifer Sara Glantz, have ghosted my fair share of guys in New York City.

When I Realized I Was Trans, I Still Wanted To Be Mama

For now, I’m a boy, and I’m a mama, and those seemingly contradictory truths are things I can accept about myself.

Being Sexually Harassed Has Become My New Normal

It hardly bothers me anymore. And that’s what bothers me.

My Marriage Ended When My Husband Accidentally Sent A Sext To Our Daughter

After I found the messages and told him I was leaving, that’s when it started to get really bad…

What I Wish People Knew About Living In ‘Chronic’ Pain

I take offense to being told my pain is chronic rather than acute.

I Was Pregnant With Twins When 3 Words Changed My Life Forever

Warning: Imagery of stillbirth that may be triggering for some readers.

Here’s Why Some Women Get Pre-Period Depression

Sufferers of PDD experience profound feelings of sadness before their period.

At Age 11, I Got Engaged To A Man Nine Years Older Than Me

As an 11-year-old going to school in Australia in a small, country town, I stood out.

My Life As A ‘Secret Child’: I’m The Result Of An Affair

“And your dad?” A question I have been asked countless times, by countless people.

9 Hacks For A Pain-Free Period

Because bad cramps are the WORST. Thing. Ever.

How My Shoe Vanity Led To Serious Injury

A pair of pumps left me on crutches for weeks.

I Was Molested As A Child 20 Years Ago. Then I Got A Haunting Friend Request.

Note: This post discusses childhood abuse, and may be distressing for some readers.

Feeling Depressed Is Different Than Being Depressed

No matter how much I denied it, it was obvious that I was depressed.

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