How To Successfully Follow A Diet Plan

September 9, 2014

There never seems to be any shortage of advice when it comes to dieting with new fads emerging almost every other week.  Some tell us to eat no carbs or no protein, eat like a caveman or eat nothing at all, but how do you choose which one is best for you and then stick with it?

Here are some helpful tips to get you on track to losing those vital numbers:

  • Consider your budget before you start a diet.  Some require you to purchase supplements or meals and attend support meetings or a weigh in, but can you afford it?  For a diet to work successfully you need to commit for a long period of time so ensure whatever diet you choose is well within your budget.
  • Ensure that the diet you are following involves food that you enjoy eating and that you could see yourself eating long term, rather than for just a few weeks.  If the diet is too restrictive or boring you’ll probably be less likely to stick with it for a long period of time.
  •  Every diet should include physical activity which is an important factor in losing weight.  Relying on diet alone won’t give you long lasting weight loss results so be realistic and expect the need for some form of exercise.
  • Slow and steady wins the race so don’t aim for too much weight loss in a short space of time.  Generally aim for 1-2 pounds each week which is much more sustainable than higher numbers.  Bear in mind too that if you do drop weight rapidly it’s probably mostly water and not fat.
  • Set yourself short term goals that you can tick off and then reward yourself.  Rewards don’t necessarily have to be food-based, but perhaps a massage, a dinner out or a new item of clothing will be motivation enough for you to continue with your diet.
  • Track your progress along the way so that you can see the results on paper.  If you can clearly see your weight dropping week by week you’re almost certain to remain motivated.
  • Remember to think of your diet as a lifestyle change and not a quick fix that you can give up in a few months’ time in the hope that you’ll remain looking the same.  By making permanent positive changes to your diet you’re committing to a healthier you in the long run.

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